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Why would a Child Support Case be Dismissed?

Why would a Child Support Case be Dismissed

Child support is very important for a child whose parents have just got separated. Bringing up a child and fulfilling their basic needs is very expensive these days. So, sharing the custody or sharing the money will solve so many problems; because the child is for both partners.

So, some ways may stop the case. We will discuss them one by one below.

Why would a Child Support Case be Dismissed?

If you want to stop your child’s support, you must go through some specific steps or stages due to the surroundings and circumstances. However, there are various ways by which you can stop your child support case either way.

What is Child Support?

When you get divorced, and children are concerned with them, you need to spend a decent sum of money to meet fundamental rights such as food, health insurance, school, entertainment, etc. When the child is an adult, you no longer need to pay for it. For a parent who has precarious work, it may be quite a challenge.

6 Reasons for the Case Dismissed

There are many reasons for the case to be dismissed from the court. They are-

The Problem in the Petition

Sometimes, people tend to submit the paperwork for the petition to be completed on their own. Taking advice from the lawyer and the fees of the appointment seems to be the problem here. For that, they complete the form on their own.

As they have no prior experience with it, the case can be dismissed from the jury. For that, our suggestion is- to make an appointment with a child support lawyer and complete the task according to their suggestion. It will save time and money.

Paternity Test

It happens especially between the couple who have been on and off during their relationship. After the separation, for the child’s upbringing, the mother needs money. To get the money, they apply for child support.

At that time, the considered father wants a paternity test to ensure that he is the child’s father. If the DNA test proves that he is the father, he will have to bear the child’s support.

But the problem comes when the DNA test reveals that the ex-spouse is not the father; the case will get dismissed.

There is another reason for that. If the mother denies going through that kind of test for the child’s mental peace and herself, the case can be dismissed if the jury decides so.

Court Order

Normally when you get your child custody after your divorce, the court limits the period for the child support case. According to that limit, your case gets dismissed at a certain date. If this doesn’t happen, then your case goes under state law.

State law implies your case must be stopped when your child becomes an adult, normally when it reaches 18 years old. Another way is that if you want to dismiss or stop the case, you can inform the authority, maybe through a petition or something, that you are ready to stop your case.

Legal Assistance

Termination of a child support case or any other case is a completely legal procedure. It is better to consult with a lawyer who has specialization and experience in this particular field.

Legal things are quite critical and complicated. General people can hardly handle them. In that case, your lawyer provides you the full support in terminating your child support case.

Child Support Modification

You might have a wrong conception that the child support case only gets dismissed or stopped when your child has grown up. But this is not. It can happen for other issues also. Such as, your child might shift from you, your partner is not giving you his portion of support properly, and so many other issues are there.

In that case, you can file a petition to recheck or modify your case. But for that, you have to show valid reasons why you want that.

Reconciliation of Parents

In some cases, despite parental reconciliation, the child support case might not end. Either you or your partner has the freedom to file a petition for terminating the case anytime for any valid reason.

But the court has the overall authority to decide whether it should have happened or not. The court prioritizes the children’s interest in the very first place. State law can also decide the issue if the court fails to handle it.

Consequences of Failure to Pay Child Support

It is likely to take some court action against you for not paying child care. You might think that, for a moment, you might reach out to other parents and negotiate. That is not legitimate, though.

You could get into trouble. You have the court warrant. You need to bargain with the court if you have trouble paying for it.

If you do not follow the court’s order, you need to go through some of the charges, such as ceasing your driving license, trouble in a paycheck, Passport banishment, Jail time, Felony charges, etc.


So, you have learned detailed information about why a child support case would be dismissed. If you want to decide to dismiss or terminate your child support case, keep the issues in your mind. The best help you can get about this fact is from a professional family law lawyer. Think twice before making any decision because it is all about your children’s lives and future.

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