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When one parent get grants of child custody, the other parent is usually allowed access, sometimes called a “visit.” The parent with the right of access has the right to visit their child. According to the law, the children can visit their non-custodial parent also. Non-custodial parent also has the right to get information about their children’s education, health and welfare. A Child visitation lawyer can help you to get your rights of child custody.

In Canada, courts strongly believe that all children should have as much contact with both parents as long as it is in the child’s positive interests. In cases where the courts are concerned about the ability of the parent entity, or there is a risk of abduction, “controlled access” granted to the parent.

What is Child Visitation?

Child visitation is a law that governs the access rights of a non-custodial parent to spend some time with their child. Every non-custodial parent has the right to get a chance to meet their child physically and spend some quality time with the child. There are laws to fix a specific schedule for this meet-up. Both of the parents are responsible for making that schedule and agree with it.

Types of Visitation

There are three types of visitation out there you can get after the judgment of the court. In the below section, we will discuss each of them.

Unsupervised Visitation

It is the most common type of philosophy, with scheduled visits that parents can usually take with their children to their home or enjoy with a foreign child during their scheduled visit. Sometimes, restrictions are specified in advance.

For example, if the baby’s mother breastfeeds her baby and then she cannot take him out to meet the baby’s father. Then the mother can ask the child’s father to come to the mother’s house to see the baby.

Supervised Visitation

Sometimes in some cases, the court can give judgments of supervised visitation. That means is, one responsible adult person must be present during the visitation period with the child on behalf of the custodial parent.

For example, the non-custodial parent may choose a family friend or grandparent. In other cases, the child and non-custodial parent must meet at a specified place so that a prearranged social worker or court-ordered personnel can supervise their interactions.

Virtual Visitation

Virtual visitation defines as the process of interactive visitation will be on virtual methods like video conference by using digital media. This for those parents who are living in a different city or different country. Sometimes due to negligible reason, one or both parents could not be able to arrange the visitation due to distance or some different issue.

Sometimes parents cannot arrange visitation regularly, without setting up a virtual visitation, the child and the parent facing a stressful sensitive situation. But for the parents who are busy with their work or career, they might use virtual visitation with the permission of the court accordingly.

Regina Child Visitation Guidelines

The connection between parent and Child is valuable, and it should be protected. If you are getting divorced or being separated from your spouse, you are putting this relationship at risk. In the court if your custody is not granted then you must have to understand that, you have inspection rights according to the law. You can use those laws to resolve the problem raised about child visitation.

Our Regina family lawyers can help you with our significant effort. You can get our assistance through contacting our law firm and setting up a free initial confidential consultation. After the first discussion with us about your case, you may get answers to your questions.

However, if you get the information, you need to analyze your unique situation. After getting information about your case, you can again contact our lawyer professionals and get your problem solved.

What is Child Visitation Rights?

If both custodial parent and non-custodial parent are unable to agree on the time and date of access, the court may specify when to visit the parent’s child. It is important to know that a custody or child visitation order can be modified at any time.

The judgement of the court can change anytime regarding child visitation. Both custodial and non-custodial parent must prepare for the decision. If the court finds that, current visitation time or place or person is not good for the child, then the court will give different judgement.

Regina Family Lawyer Child Visitation Service

In Regina city, there are hundreds of cases we have solved in the last 15 years in a row. Though we are providing child visitation legal services for more than fifteen (15) years now. Among those cases most commonly, we have found that the parents are changing their decision regarding child visitation schedule.

However, changing decision is not a matter if the other parent agrees with that changed schedule. But they do not agree with each other’s decisions. That’s why the family law centre has decided to conclude this situation with a common solution that is, during the divorce or separation process, the court must decide everything.

Both parents will present their situation and explain their capabilities to the court. Then the court will decide which one is better for the child because it is all about child’s future and growing up. In all circumstances, parent must be sharing their decision to the court that is good for the child.

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Finishing Words

We are at the end of our discussion regarding child visitation. It is an important term under family law issues. Regina Family Lawyer’s law service is recognized as the prowess law service provider in Regina, Canada. If you are going through problems related to child visitation or child access, then you should contact Regina Family Lawyers and schedule a free initial consultation with our skilled child visitation lawyer.

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