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Regina Child Custody Lawyer

Regina Child Custody Lawyer

Custody battles are scary and stressful. It’s important to have a tough child custody lawyer on your side who is willing to fight for your right to have a relationship with your child. If you’re fleeing from domestic violence you also need a lawyer who will help you protect your family.

No matter what your unique situation is, Regina Divorce Lawyer can help. Our team knows the ins and outs of custody law and knows how to help you put your best foot forward with a judge who will be tasked with deciding what is in the child’s best interests. Before a full-blown battle erupts, we may also be able to help you put together co-parenting plans that both you and your ex will find acceptable.

Regina’s family lawyer is one of the most reputed child custody-related law service providers in Regina. After the divorce or separation of a couple who has a child, they need to deal with some other legal process besides separation or divorce. Child custody lawyers address many issues related to childcare and control of them.

What is Child Custody?

Child custody is an important responsibility to take significant decisions about upbringing, care, and education of your child as parents responsibilities mentioned above are also your right according to the Law.

Now, when any family breaks up, husband and wife must go through different kinds of legal issues. A child custody decision is one of the most important of them if the couple has a child. Because after divorce, children fall into the problem, their life gets disturbed. According to Law, husband and wife or any of them can take over the responsibility of the child.

In this situation, most people live a complicated life. So, usually in this condition, they won’t be able to deal with any legal cases. There comes a sincere involvement of a child custody lawyer. Regina’s divorce lawyer can help you get out of this situation because we are dealing with and solving these types of cases for more than fifteen (15) years.

The right about child custody provides you with the right of deciding significant matters related to your children, such as a child’s religion and medical treatments. That is not all, and there’s more you can find below,

What Rights are Covered by the Law of Child Custody?

The ability to take part in the decision of these problems can rest with both parents, even if the children live with only one of them. At other times, one parent has all the powers to make decisions. Below is a list of terms included in child custody provided by Regina’s child custody law.

  • Residence of Children,
  • Parents must ensure the education of children,
  • Parents must decide on their health,
  • With which of the parents, a child will spend holidays,
  • Significant medical treatment-related decision,
  • Child’s sports and other activities related decision,
  • With which of the parent’s child can spend time, and
  • Child’s religion-related decision.

Types of Child Custody

If you are dealing with a situation regarding child custody, you might get interested in different kinds of custody. According to the Law, there are four (4) kinds of child custody you can get after a hearing in court. We are going to discuss all of them below,

Sole Custody

When a parent applies for child custody after their divorce or separation, you can get sole custody. Sole custody is a type of custody where only one of the parents can get the responsibility and legal authority of the child solely. In this case, only one parent will have the right to take any decision about the child, and he/she will be responsible for how the child growing up.

Joint Custody

After the hearing in the court can give judgment of joint custody. That means both of the parents are responsible for everything about the child’s growth. Joint custody defined as, both parents are individually able to share their decision about a child’s education, treatments, sports, and any other activities.

In terms of the child’s residence, both parents will have the right to keep the child with them. Both parents can use joint custody of the child. Parents with very little level of conflict can use joint custody very comfortably.

Shared Custody

Among other child custody, shared custody is about the time that the child spends with the parents. According to the child support guidelines, there is joint custody where the child lives at least 40% of the time with each parent. 40% of the time may consist of weekends, nights, and holiday parties.

Split Custody

Split custody is not very usual in Regina. This type of custody used in a situation when parents have more than one child. In this case, each parent can take one of the children primarily with them and the child will live there accordingly.

When You Need a Private Child Custody Lawyer?

There is a situation when you will feel yourself that, now you need a child custody lawyer. Now in this section, we will discuss the reason you need to hire a child custody legal service provider.

Your Ex-husband Hired a Lawyer

If your ex-husband hires a lawyer regarding your child custody. Now, you also need to hire a private child custody lawyer because your ex will get custody with the help of a child support lawyer. It is obvious that without a lawyer, you cannot win against a professional lawyer. Our law firm can help you to present your case against the lawyer of your ex-husband.

Your Case is Getting Complicated

If you find out that, day by day due to some reason your case is getting complicated, you need to get help from a private custody lawyer. Our firm can appoint the finest skilled child custody lawyer for your case. So, you can get what you deserve.

Your Case is Out of The Jurisdiction

If your ex-husband shifted to a different area or a different country, in that case, you need to hire a prowess lawyer skilled in child custody. Due to the different jurisdiction areas, the laws are different from each other.

If You Feel that, your Child is in Danger

If you feel that, your children are in terrible danger, you can call 306-569-2724, or you can contact local police. Immediately after calling, you need to contact a skilled custody lawyer. Our child support lawyer will help you to get out of this terrible situation. Contact us for immediate help.

You are Facing Problem from Your Ex to Seeing Your Child

You can sometimes be interrupted by your X-Husband about seeing your children. If you are facing this type of problem, you can contact us. Our experienced child custody lawyer will help you to solve your problem.

How Can Regina Divorce Lawyer Help You?

At this law firm, our child custody service is focused on our client’s situation. We understand that our clients are facing difficulties right now. So, our services are designed in a way that our clients will not feel it difficult to discuss with us their case. So, our lawyers can work on their projects immediately. Below is a list of skills we have at Regina Divorce Lawyer’s legal services.

  • An experienced child custody lawyer
  • Client’s satisfaction is our goal
  • Our legal process is convenient for the client
  • Our lawyers are friendly with our client
  • Reputed child custody law firm in Regina
  • A large customer list so far will help you to understand our quality of service.

Contact us for a free initial one to one consultation session with you so, that you can get an idea about how our lawyer can help you to solve your problem.

How to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer in Regina?

When it comes to hiring a child custody lawyer, you need to know some basic but significant facts about it. In this segment, we are going to write over those facts.

  1. You must consider an observation on the reputation.
  2. The experience of the lawyer is very important to think about.
  3. Costing of the service of the lawyer.
  4. Client friendliness of the child custody legal adviser.

How do I Get Sole Custody in Saskatchewan?

There is a difference between sole custody and being the child’s primary residence parent. Sole custody arrangements are rare. A sole custodian has both full physical custody and full legal custody of the child, and the other parent has no right to make any decisions for that child.

Saskatchewan courts favor joint custody agreements. Both parents have nearly 50/50 access to the child, and both parents have the right to make legal, financial, educational, and medical decisions on the child’s behalf. This may also be called shared custody.

The only time the courts would consider sole custody to be in the best interests of the child would be when the other parent presents a danger to that child or is an unfit parent. You would have to prove the other parent is unfit. Even then, the parent would most likely get supervised visitation with the child.

What is an Unfit Parent in Saskatchewan?

An unfit parent is a parent who puts their child in some kind of danger with inappropriate behavior. Most often this would be through alcohol abuse, drug abuse, or domestic violence, but there are other markers. For example, a parent with a history of neglectful behavior or poor judgment may also be declared unfit. So might a parent with a history of untreated mental illness.

The people with who your ex lives can be taken into consideration as well. For example, if your ex lives with a relative or with a new significant other the court can consider whether those individuals may be dangerous to your child.

The court also considers the parent’s willingness to foster a healthy relationship with their co-parent. Saskatchewan takes a dim view of parents who try to keep their child from having a healthy relationship with both parents. Failing to comply with access orders, for example, can result in the wronged parent being given primary residential custody or even sole custody.

Can My Child Decide Which Parent They Want to Live with?

The court will take the child’s preference into consideration, but the child’s decision is not an automatic “win” for either parent. It’s one of many factors the court considers. Older children’s wishes may receive a little more weight than younger children, but there isn’t even a certain age at which the child’s preference is more or less helpful to the case.

The court takes the best interests of the child into account given all available information and factors.

Get Help Today

As we are at the end of our discussion here. Child custody cases are very sensitive cases. To get what you want according to the law and enforcement services of Regina, you need to fight it in court. Without any help from the finest lawyer, you probably lose custody of your child. Call us at (306) 791-2189 or contact us through the contact form and schedule a free consultation with our skilled child custody lawyer. He will discuss the case with you and suggest to you what should you do in this condition. Our team is standing to get you an appointment.

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