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When your marriage ends you need to know you have the right people on your side. The team at Regina Divorce Lawyers can offer you an unparalleled support system and the legal guidance you need to bring your case to a good outcome.

Our lawyers are respectful, responsive, and knowledgeable. We’re here to protect your interests, to help you negotiate, and to present your case in court if necessary.

Regina Divorce Lawyer is one of the most growing law firms providing every kind of family law related legal services. We are serving different types of legal services in Regina for more than a decade years now. One of our growing services is the divorce law service. We have a team for a skilled divorce lawyer in Regina. If you are searching for lawyers for divorce in Regina, you are in the right place. Here in this article, Here we will discuss our divorce law service in Regina.

What is Divorce Law?

Sometimes in married life, there are complications that happen, when one of them or both of them tries to bring an end to their marriage. Breaking down the agreement of the relationship of marriage is officially known as divorce. In Regina, divorce law is the same as in other cities in Canada.

The government of Canada standardizes the law of divorce into one. That one law will be applied to all the provinces of Canada. We know that divorce is not a willing decision to make for anyone. Every time the husband or wife or both of them fell into misunderstanding due to different reasons. But most of the time in these cases, it happens due to differences in their lifestyle.

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Though it is not accurate for every time, it is just an observation. Now if you are going to get a divorce or planning for a divorce with your partner, then you might need to know the divorce law to go through. For applying to get divorces also need to follow certain rules and regulations. Let’s see the law provided by the government.

  • For both of the spouses, it is necessary to make a formal application to the court for getting divorced.
  • Both spouses need to go through a separation period for at least one year. Only after completion of one year period of separation, they can issue a divorce application.
  • You are not in an open marital relationship with your spouse, and he/she has done adultery. In this situation, you can apply for a formal application of divorce.
  • You are being treated with intolerable mental and physical cruelty by your spouse.

Let’s explain each of the above reasons because if you do not know the exact situation and explanation, your application might get rejected. There are possibilities of rejection if your application and your grounds are not according to the law.

Living Separately for One Year

If you are living separately due to a valid reason from your spouse for a minimum period of one year is the easiest way to prove the reason for divorce in court. But there are conditions you need to follow during this separation period for both spouses. This one year separation period must be uninterrupted meaning is, there cannot be any break in the separation period. Okay, let’s see an example to understand this better.

If you and your spouses are living separately for 120 days and then you lived together again for a few days, and now again you want to live separately. If this happens then, your divorce application will not be granted in court. If in this situation, you need to apply for divorce again, you need to start the separation process all over again.

Committing Adultery

If your spouse involves in adultery with someone else, then you can apply for a divorce. Unless you are not coincidently accusing your spouse of adultery, you do not need to mention the name of the person with whom your spouse committed adultery. If you are now intentionally accusing him or her, your divorce application should get granted.

It is difficult to prove adultery because you are living your life independently. There are several parameters, with them the court will decide grant of your divorce. If you are accusing of adultery, then you need to know that you cannot complain about extramarital adultery in an open marriage relation.

You must need to prepare or provide substantial proof against your accusation. The court cannot question him or her about the name of the person with who he or she has committed adultery, according to the act of the government which is (RSC 1985, c C-5).

Tortured Physically or Mentally

Though the term cruelty or torture, there are many controversies regarding it. If in your marriage, cruelty happened for several-time, do not hesitate to get divorced. Marriage is a matter of happiness and sorrow together. But if marriage is being unnecessary pain to you due to your spouse, you must need to take legal action against it.

In some cases, due to the cruelty of one spouse, the other spouse faces a very stressful life. Sometimes, it gets worst, and the victim spouse takes a suicide attempt. But do not let your spouse’s fault be the reason for your pain in life. If you think that you cannot tolerate the cruelty or physical torture of your spouse, contact a divorce lawyer and decide how you should face this stressful event legally and conveniently.

Type of Divorce

Now that you know when you can apply for a divorce to the authority. Let’s know some random situations in which you can apply for easy divorce. You can apply for any of these two types of divorce. Each one has its terms and explanation. Let’s know them,

No-Fault Divorce

You need to know the no-fault divorce, which is a type of divorce where a spouse did not complain about another spouse. In another way, to be eligible for applying for a no-fault divorce, the other spouse does not have to do something wrong. But the spouse must mention a valid reason for divorce that is recognized by the constitution or the government.

Fault Divorce

It is just the opposite of No-Fault divorce. In this type of divorce, one spouse must have to do anything wrong. That means, if you are applying for a divorce with your spouse, there must be a cause, and strong accuse against other spouses. If both spouses are living in different places separately for a minimum of one year, your spouse torturing you mentally or physically, or your spouse has done adultery with somebody else, and you can legally apply for divorce to the authority.

Regina Divorce Lawyers Divorce Law Service: Getting Help in Divorce

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How long does a divorce take in Saskatchewan?

An uncontested divorce may take as little as three months. A highly contentious divorce may take anywhere from six months to eighteen months. Much depends on how well you and your spouse negotiate and whether or not the divorce goes into litigation.

This does not count the one year that you must be separated prior to filing for a divorce in Saskatchewan. In this province, you can only get an immediate divorce if you can prove abuse or adultery.

How do I File for Divorce in Regina, SK?

Once you have lived apart for at least a year you can file an application for divorce with the Court of Queen’s Bench. You will put a suggested settlement into the filing and you will serve your spouse.

If your spouse doesn’t answer, the divorce is uncontested and will proceed according to your terms. If your spouse does send in an answer then it will be time to start the negotiation process. If negotiations break down, the divorce may need to move into litigation.

How much does a Divorce Lawyer Cost in Saskatchewan?

It depends on how contentious your divorce is. A divorce could cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to up to $25,000. When you retain a divorce lawyer you will receive a full explanation of their fee structure.

Filing fees at the Court of Queen’s Bench are $200.

How do I Prepare for a Divorce in Saskatchewan?

One of the best ways is to get all the paperwork describing your assets together so that you can bring them to your lawyer at your very first meeting. Get them all organized and in one place. That’s everything: debts, bank statements, real property, insurance policies, retirement accounts, cars, boats, and anything else you can think of that you own.

You should also bring your child’s medical and school records. All of this can be vital evidence if custody becomes an issue.

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Now that we are at the end of today’s discussion, you might have now the knowledge you need to know everything before you go for putting an end to your marriage. We know that it is hard to go for this type of decision. But you know, when the marriage being intolerable then there is nothing left for you, and you need to decide to get divorced from your spouse. Our team is standing to get you an appointment and to get you matched with your Regina divorce lawyer. Call (306) 791-2189 today.

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