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How Long After Separation Can You Claim Assets?

How Long After Separation Can You Claim Assets

The partition of property is one of the most difficult challenges during the divorce process. So, a question comes to mind: how long after separation can you claim assets? You can claim assets, but you have to go through many difficulties. But don’t worry about it.

If you are all set to figure out how to handle things after a breakup and claim what belongs to you, stay tuned. Also, we are here to explore the division of assets, how pensions are split in divorce in Canada, the pension divorce calculator, and so on. We are here to guide you through this journey. Let’s get started!

What is Property Division in Divorce?

Property division in divorce is when married people split up and have to share what they got during their marriage. Houses, money, and businesses—these can be shared during a divorce.

It depends on if they are a community or separate property. The way they are divided tries to be fair, based on what each person did and the situation. Understanding these rules helps people make good choices and move forward after a divorce.

Division of Assets in a Divorce

Divorce can be tough. One big thing is deciding who owns what amount of assets after separation.

You get gifts in your marriage, like money or any other assets. In some provisions, these gifts are divided equally, even if one of the spouses bought them.

There are many types of things to split. This includes things like:

  • Real estate: Homes, cottages, and investment properties
  • Financial accounts: Bank accounts, retirement accounts, investments
  • Personal property: Vehicles, furniture, art collections
  • Debt: Shared loans, credit card balances

So, how much one owns the assets and whether they have kids affect the split. When getting a divorce, if both agree to divide assets mutually, they can. If they don’t, they can get help from a lawyer.

Dividing things in a divorce can be hard. Being fair and clear about what each person gets is important. As a result, getting help from a lawyer can make it easier. It is like finding a way to make things okay.

How Long After Separation Can You Claim Assets?

After a separation, married and common-law partners have a limited amount of time to claim assets. Missing these deadlines can result in losing the legal right to some assets accumulated during the relationship.

Standard Time Limits:

  • Married couples: 12 months from the date of divorce. This time limit is strict and applies regardless of whether a formal separation agreement was reached.
  • Common Law Partners: 2 years from the date of separation. This timeframe allows for more flexibility. Also, it acknowledges the less formal nature of common-law relationships.

Spouse Entitlement to Pension After Divorce Canada

It can be complicated to get divorced quickly, especially when sharing things like pensions. When a marriage ends in Canada, the law usually says that both spouses should receive the pensions earned during the marriage.

Pensions can be from different places, like the pension you get from work or government plans and the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). Also, your retirement savings plans, such as the Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs), can be included.

How are Pensions Split in Divorce in Canada?

Pensions earned during the marriage are considered marital assets and are subject to division upon divorce. This applies to both defined benefit and contribution plans.

There are two primary methods for splitting pensions in divorce:

Equalization of Net Family Properties

This method involves calculating the value of each spouse’s pension as of the separation date. The difference in values is then divided equally between the spouses.

Pension Attribution

This method looks at the pension credits accumulated during the marriage. Each spouse is entitled to a portion of the credits earned during the marriage based on their contributions. The future pension benefits are then divided based on these credits.

The court considers various factors when deciding how to split a pension, including:

  • Length of the marriage: Longer marriages generally result in a more equal split of pension benefits.
  • Age difference: A significant age difference between spouses may influence the division. However, the younger spouse may have a longer life expectancy and benefit more from the pension.
  • Earning capacity: If one spouse has a significantly higher earning capacity than the other, they may be awarded a smaller share of the pension.

Pension Divorce Calculator Canada

A pension divorce calculator is a valuable tool that helps estimate the value of pensions and facilitates equitable division. It considers various factors such as the pension type, duration of the marriage, and the pension’s accrued value during the marriage.

How to use the Pension Divorce Calculator

To use the pension divorce calculator, you need to follow some instructions.

Gather Information

Collect comprehensive details about the pension plan, including the start date, contribution amounts, and any pre-marital contributions.

Input Relevant Data

Enter the necessary information into the pension divorce calculator accurately.

Calculation Process

The calculator uses the provided data to estimate the pension’s value accrued during the marriage.

Understand the Outcome

The calculated value offers insight into the potential division of the pension during divorce proceedings.


The timeline for claiming assets after separation varies, emphasizing the need for timely action and informed decisions. Canada’s specific regulations on post-divorce entitlements add complexity to pension division in divorce.

Utilizing pension divorce calculators and understanding entitlements ensure fair decisions. Financial planning, real-life insights, and seeking professional advice are crucial. Preparation and communication pave the way for a smoother process.

Remember, when you have enough knowledge, this path becomes more manageable. Stay informed, plan wisely, and approach asset claiming after separation with determination.


How long do I wait to claim my things after we split?

The time to claim your stuff can differ depending on where you live and your situation. Sometimes, you can claim things during the divorce; others might claim after everything's finished. Talking to a lawyer can help you understand the specific timing of your case.

How do they divide pensions when people get divorced in Canada?

When people get divorced in Canada, they might split their pensions. Pensions earned while married are usually considered shared between both people. How long you were married and how much was put into the pension can affect how it gets divided.

Can I get some of my ex's pension after we are divorced in Canada?

You might get part of your ex's pension in Canada that they earned while you were married. But it depends on the laws where you live, how long you were married, and how much they put into the pension.

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