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How to Collect Child Support Internationally?

How to Collect Child Support Internationally

Getting child support internationally may be difficult and time-consuming, and it is not a simple matter. Some countries have approved the child’s support, and when your child has moved with other parents in another country.

International child support is new, and most of the time, it is involved on an area-by-area basis. You need to know more details about how to collect child support internationally, as this is a compassionate issue.

When a relationship with someone comes to an end and your partner is moving to another country with your child or living in different countries, you need to collect child support.

What is Child Support?

What do you mean by child support? Child support means or focuses on the legal order, which has to be followed by parents by providing financial support so that their child can be raised perfectly.

Usually, this support is provided when the child reaches the age of 18 or older. This child support internationally is determined when the parents get the divorce settlement from the court, and the agreement means alimony, custody, or visitation.

After the divorce settlement, parents can ask for a petition for child support. Typically, child support varies from state to state. Providing child support is considered one of the child’s rights, and for this reason, it cannot be ignored so easily.

Child Support Enforcement (CSE) assists countries to focus on the enforcement of international child support activities. The Office of Child Support Enforcement helps you to negotiate and implement these activities to get international child support.

Using the Hague Convention Process

State Agreements

Individual states can have the rules of their agreement, and other countries need to follow those for their further process of child support. For some countries, those are too close to other countries, and there is so much exclusive agreement between those two countries to enforce the child support order.

Collection Efforts

The parents need to collect all the documents that are seeking child support and need to provide as much detail as they can. If your child has moved to a new state with his or her other parent, you need to follow the standard process to collect child support internationally. Many states have specific requirements that should be followed to submit the mandatory forms. Know what happens if you don’t pay child support in Canada.

No Agreements

If the grateful parents have moved to another state with the child, who does not hold any agreement with the particular state, you still have the chance to collect the child support internationally. Though proving your situation might be complicated and can be quite complex if it is necessary, you can hire a child support lawyer side to you at the child support internationally.

Calculate Child Support Areas

In your application, every detail statement should be included, like according to the date of the application and how much is owed – you need to convert all the amount into the local currency. You need to accomplish this task when a child’s other parent will make the child’s support payment.

Your lawyer will help you calculate the total amount. After completing the calculation, they will make the statement for further processes.

Send the Document and Application to the Country

Once you are done with the documents, send these to the child support enforcement for the further process where your child is living with the other parents.

  • After finding the country profile, send the documents and application to the specific country. If it is necessary, then get help from your lawyer to submit your documents with strong proof.

Get Notified of the Order’s Resignation

After receiving your application, your application should be checked by the local court inappropriate way so that you have not missed any Hague Convention requirements. After going through this, you will be notified in time, and it might take a few weeks.

If your application does not fulfill the requirement of the Child Support Enforcement authority, they will send back the paperwork to you, and if necessary, they will give you an explanation of why it has not been accepted. After the explanation, you can fix the problem to resubmit it.

Wait for the Appeal Period

After your paperwork, the child support enforcement authority will send a legal notice to the other parents of your child. They will get 30 days to register your order.

  • Some courts will continue with the enforcement process, and some courts will wait for the deadline of the challenge period.
  • If the other parents of your child register for the challenges, the court will provide a hearing time for the validity order.
  • You can hire a lawyer if you are not able to travel for the hearing who will represent you.

Working with a Foreign Reciprocating Country

Foreign Reciprocating Country (FRC)

Australia, Canada, Israel, and Switzerland – these countries contain independent agreements on the enforcement of child support orders.  Child support enforcement is responsible for international child support enforcement.

Locate the parents

Before starting the process, find out where the other parents are living with your child to get the child support internationally. You can get help from each country to locate the parents, but you’ve to submit a request to locate the parents

  • Sometimes the court will not provide detailed information about the parents for security purposes. The country’s child support enforcement will maintain the whole process and will contact them for further process.


Child support workers will help you to get child support internationally. As this is a sensitive and complex case, you need to have a full idea of how to collect child support globally if it is necessary to hire the best lawyer to support your claim.

They will do the paperwork, and if it is urgent, they will contact the other parents of your child to start the process as early as they can. In that sense, you will not have to face any problems with your case.

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