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How to Find a Good Divorce Lawyer


If you are immersed in a divorce process or intend to divorce very shortly, you may wonder how to find a good divorce lawyer to handle your particular case.

Initially, all lawyers are perfectly acceptable to handle a relationship breakup case, either by separation or divorce. However, everyone knows that even though the judge is going to pass a sentence according to the norm, the argument of our advocate (the lawyer) can decide or favor a particular client.

For this reason, many people are seriously concerned with finding the best divorce lawyer, thinking that if they hire their services, they will obtain all the prerogatives they request together with the demand. Although, logically, according to the facts and the foundations of the law, his defender will be able to better perform his role as a defender.

Be that as it may, we all know that even though there is only one law, the lawyer we select will help us win or lose the case. For this reason, we have decided to prepare a guide to find out which criteria are the most convenient for selecting a legal professional in family conflicts.

Divorce lawyer: what does he do individually?

The divorce lawyer is also called a marriage advocate or family lawyer. But is there a difference between the three professional figures? And correctly, what does the divorce lawyer do?

The divorce lawyer is a professional who specializes in family rights, human rights, inheritances, and children’s rights. Family rights, however, is a very generic term that contains within it a series of very different and particular cases and themes. 

To better understand, therefore, the function of a divorce lawyer, it is good to understand better what is meant by family rights. Here, then, is a shortlist of subjects contained within family rights:

  • marriage;
  • separation;
  • divorce;
  • LGBT unions;
  • unions or de facto couples;
  • civil unions;
  • registered partnerships.

Finally, even the divorce lawyer, due to the word, is associated – wrong interpretation this – as the one who deals mainly with the cases in court related to divorce and separation, the charge of separation, assignment of the marital home, custody of the children, rights to the maintenance, spouse maintenance allowance, family harassment, abuse, stalking and more.

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How to find a good divorce lawyer?

In life, you may find yourself faced with new situations to face: separation if the need arises, is undoubtedly one of them.

It is not easy, in a case of this type, to calmly meet the evaluation of one’s defender. Since it is a new experience and characterized by particular contingencies, the task is often given hastily, not taking into account some aspects that should instead guide one’s choice. To facilitate those who face this kind of situation, we have identified five.

The proximity of the divorce lawyer to the forum where the trial is to take place

It seems trivial, but a criterion that should not be underestimated is related to the location of the law firm of the divorce lawyer compared to the competent court. 

The proximity to the court of jurisdiction represents several advantages for the defender and, therefore, for the client, including, of course, having fewer expenses. The further advantage of the proximity of the forum is linked to the knowledge of the practices of the court sessions. Family law proceedings often face issues related to court practice, of which it is good that your defender has experience.

Competence in the field of family and matrimonial law

The divorce or matrimonial lawyer is such because he is used to dealing with family law issues. A professional with different specializations or skills will hardly have the due expeditiousness in coping with the circumstances that arise in the context of marital separation or divorce.

It is not a question of mere legal issues but above all of having a very particular and “psychologically” oriented approach.

The updating and the familiarity of the divorce lawyer with the new assisted negotiation procedures

The preparation and competence in the field of family and matrimonial law may often not be sufficient to give due speed to the practice of consensual separation or joint divorce. The new institution of assisted negotiation allows spouses to reach separation in a short time, without resorting to the court.

In a few interviews with the law firm, it is now possible to obtain a document utterly equivalent to a separation sentence. The judicial process for obtaining the separation sentence (even if consensual) is, however, much longer and takes several months.

Transparency on the costs of separation or divorce proceedings – the lawyer’s written estimate

The client must always have the opportunity to ask for and obtain a written quote from the professional before placing the assignment. This is also written in the forensic code of conduct. Sometimes it is true. It is difficult to quantify the extent of the professional activity that the divorce lawyer will face.

However, it is equally valid that a “rough” estimate, even if there are doubts about the consensual or judicial procedure, can be provided. The cost of legal assistance should not be the first criterion for choosing a professional, but it is good always to have clear ideas about the expenses that will be incurred.

The availability of the divorce lawyer

An aspect often overlooked when choosing a lawyer, but which comes into relief subsequently, is linked to the availability of the lawyer. Circumstances often characterize separation and divorce proceedings: having a direct telephone contact (for example, a cell phone) from one’s lawyer is often a significant advantage compared to having to “go through” an answering machine.

This aspect must be based on good faith and respect: communications must always be metered, and it is vital to maintain a serene and non-compulsive relationship with your professional. 

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Final Words

Once you have chosen the professional for you, you will have all the tools to be able to contact him, start asking for information on your case and make the first appointment.

Remember: you do not choose any divorce lawyer but for his high professionalism, competence, and specialization in family law. We hope now you know how to find a good divorce lawyer.

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