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Top 10 Professions With The Highest Divorce Rate in Canada

Divorce is the most sorrowful fact for a spouse and their children. Most irresponsible family members suffer from divorce for their own faults. But do you know that sometimes your duty can lead you to divorce?

Yes! Certain professions can significantly impact personal relationships. Today, we will explore the top ten professions with the highest divorce rate in Canada

If you are in one of these jobs, you must be careful, as your profession is killing the quality time you need to spend with your loved one. Let’s delve into the details and better understand these professions.

Why Does Your Profession Impact Your Relationship?

Usually, you will find many reasons for divorce describing how marriages do not work. We have listed down some major problems from the records. Those are:

  • Conflicting Personality:

In this kind of relationship, the spouses share different choices and goals in their life and manner, so the marriages last only a short time.

  • Financial Issue:

Often, the spouses have different lifestyles that require more money than the earning members earn, so the marriages end in divorce.

  • Extra Marital Affair:

We have seen people involved in physical and mental relationships with other persons. Cheating leads spouses to divorce as this is considered one of the grounds for divorce.

  • Drugs and Abuse:

People often marry persons who are addicted to drugs or even domestic abuse. There are no other better ways than consulting a domestic violence lawyer in such cases.

  • Professional Reason:

The excessive work pressure can turn our time and mood into different states, resulting in bad family life and divorce.

From our perspective, there are some professions to marry and make a healthy family. Some are reliable options to carry your family expenses, and some cannot provide enough resources for the family members to live on.

Top 10 Professions with Highest Divorce Rate

We have found that there are careers in which workers appear more likely to split from their spouses. Especially the workers in certain industries see higher divorce rates by age 30.

Many careers often have serious drawbacks, including the potential for long work time, more emotional stress, and a very low pay scale. Anyway, let’s hover over the most common ten professions with the highest divorce rate due to their work hour and breaks.

1. First-line Enlisted Military Supervisors

According to research by Zippia, the first-line enlisted military supervisor is the profession with one of the highest divorce rates. They experience an almost 30% divorce rate. There are logical reasons behind divorces. Officers deployed to combat in Afghanistan and Iraq have a higher threat.

Divorce Rate: 30%

Divorce Reason: The officers have longer work stress in a hard life. They could not spend quality time with their spouses and children. They lose their emotion on the battlefield.

2. Automobile Service & Technicians

The automotive service technician is one of the jobs with higher divorce rates. The workers can make up to $47000 annually from this profession. The salary increment is also outside the top of the chart here. Plus, this sector offers fewer vacation facilities.

Divorce Rate: 17%

Divorce Reason: The workers experience the highest rates of injury and illness compared to other sectors. They come home tired after a full day of hard work. They cannot attend any family functions or programs.

3. Medical Assistants

Medical assistants also experience divorce before the age of 30. Although this job is demanding in an office setting, it does not give enough leisure time. 

Divorce Rate: 15%

Divorce Reason: Medical assistants work evenings, weekends, holidays, or overtime. In urgency, they do not have a holiday to spend vacation with their family. So it has one of the highest divorce rates by profession

4. Chemical Technicians

Chemical technicians also suffer from higher divorce cases compared to other job sectors. They spend extra work time in the laboratory, which pressures their brain. Also, many lab workers suffer from chemical reactions making their normal life obsolete.

Divorce Rate: 15%

Divorce Reason: They must spend time beyond their regular duty hour. Also, they do not have a vacation in the national emergencies. They are also less social than other people.

5. Flight Attendants

Flight attendants travel from country to country and need more family time to care for their spouses and husbands. A study said 50% of flight attendants filed for divorce

Divorce Rate: 50%

Divorce Reason: Often, flight attendants leave their children to baby care, so parenting lessons are not taught. Moreover, many flight attendants are involved in relationships with pilots and other businesspeople while on the plane.

6. Plumber & Carpenters

Department of Labor shared that carpenter and plumber are also professions with one of the highest divorce rates. The job also requires working in the evenings and weekends based on the project. This job has around an 18% divorce rate.

Divorce Rate: 17%

Divorce Reason: Carpenters and plumbers often return home late from work and suffer from sharp injuries.

7. Telemarketers

Telemarketers keep busy meeting with clients. In call centers, they do shift-based duty, so the spouses need more time to meet each other when one is doing the day and one is doing the night shift.

Divorce: 49%

Divorce Reason: They have to talk a lot all day, so they become irritated by their spouses and children at home.

8. Nonfarm Animal Caretakers

Pets can make people happy, but they make spouses mad at each other! Most animal caretakers end up breaking up. Caring for and rescuing animals is an exhausting experience. Ultimately, it creates anger and depression, just like the beasts.

Divorce Rate: 16%

Divorce Reason: People who work in animal behavior influence animal caretakers and cannot please their spouses.

9. Gaming Service Workers

People involved in sports management are another group with one of the highest divorce rates by their profession.

Divorce Rate: 52%

Divorce Reason: They spend all day and night broadcasting sports tournaments. So they can’t meet their families.

10. Food Preparation Workers

15% of waiters do not enjoy the sunlight because of their nonstop customer service from early morning to late night. So they cannot have a shiny family life.

Divorce Rate: 17%

Divorce Reason: They do not possess a dream job and do not find well-educated partners.

Final Words

So, that was a glimpse of the professions with higher divorce rates. Sometimes, the jobs do not favor the relationship between husband and wife. Because money is not everything; it’s the quality time that the spouses expect from each other. Thanks for reading.


Do lawyers have a high divorce rate?

Yes, lawyers have a relatively higher divorce rate due to the demanding nature of their work.  However, individual experiences may vary, and many lawyers have successful marriages.

What are some professions with the lowest divorce rate?

Professions commonly associated with lower divorce rates include actuaries, physical therapists, medical professionals, scientists, engineers, teachers, religious clergy, accountants, architects, and government employees. Individual experiences may vary.

What profession has the highest divorce rate in Canada?

Several studies indicate that gaming managers and gaming services workers experience the highest divorce rates.


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