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Should I Tell My Divorce Lawyer Everything?


It’s so difficult to tell everything to your divorce lawyer. Because there have some very confidential things to share, which can be embarrassing for you, or sometimes you may feel the need for protecting your privacy. That is why a question may have arisen in your mind that should I tell my divorce lawyer everything?

The answer is yes. Because if your lawyer doesn’t know everything about your case, it will make the process of your claim difficult and lengthy. In fact, sometimes keeping your information untold with your lawyer can be a cause of failing the case.

In this article, we will find the answer, “should I tell my divorce lawyer everything?”. I hope it will help you to make the right decision regarding these issues.

Should I tell my divorce lawyer everything?

The answer is yes. You should tell everything to your lawyer. If he doesn’t know about you and your problems, then how would he represent it in court. It’s so difficult to share everything, and maybe it would be embarrassing for you but thing that it will increase your problems.

Your case may be failed for not sharing valuable information with your lawyer. Just share with your lawyer everything. You will not hide anything from your lawyer because he has a lot of experience in this field, and he did a lot of cases like yours one in his life.

He is practicing law for many years. These things may be complicated for you but not for him. It is essential to share all the important stuff with your lawyer so that he can make proper preparation for your case and deal with the problems.

You may have some secrets (like you have an affair or you physically abused your spouse) you don’t want to share with your lawyer. But sometime your lawyer will investigate these things too. If he finds these things in the investigation, it will be more embarrassing for you.

You are thinking that your lawyer is going to judge you or some of these kinds of stuff. Actually, he or she is not even interested in you and your life outside your case. He or she is not here to judge you. A lawyer’s only duty is to solve your case.

So, don’t worry about anything and disclose everything to your lawyer. You are uncomfortable to say everything, but your lawyer is not. He or she heard these things a lot of times before.

Why should you tell everything to your lawyer?

It is imperative to tell everything to your lawyer because if you are failed to disclose all of your relevant facts, it can be damaging and devastating to your case. Knowing all the things regarding your matter will help your lawyer to develop the strategy of fighting your case on trial. After knowing everything regarding your situation, your lawyer will be well-equipped for beating the case.

It’s all about your lawyer’s preparation. Your lawyer will use your information to establish a firm, develop a plan to give you the best possible result. The less your lawyer know about your case, the less he or she can work for you in your favor. 

For example, you have an affair, and you didn’t share it with your lawyer. That is why your lawyer won’t know the strategy of how to deal with it on trial. If your spouse shows all the pieces of evidence of your affair, your lawyer will not do anything against it. You will be failed in your case. If you shared about your affair at the beginning, your lawyer could have made some legal strategies for supporting you well.

Can your personal information be shared with others by your lawyer?

When you hire a lawyer for your divorce case, a very confidential relationship will be made with your lawyer. If you have any fear of sharing your personal information with your lawyer, it is entirely illogical. Ethically your lawyer will not share any information of you with anyone. 

Because it’s his profession and he does a lot of cases like this. So, there is no fear of licking your secrets. Your secrets are very safe with you and your lawyer. So, don’t worry about anything. Feel free and share everything with your lawyer for the betterment of your case. Knowing every information of your will help your lawyer to better representation and increase the chance of your success.

Things you should not say to your divorce lawyer:

Obviously, you should tell everything to your lawyer. But for the betterment of your case, there are some things you should not say to your lawyer. We are giving here some of them. These are as follows:

Force to do everything very fast:

You should not say to your lawyer that does everything as soon as possible. Forcing for doing the case very fast can increase the cost of your case, and it also reduces the possibility of winning the case. So, don’t force your lawyer to do fast and don’t tell things like I’m in a hurry, I have to remarry, etc.

Cost is not a matter for me:

Don’t tell your lawyer that price is not a matter for you. It can double the value of your case. So, don’t do that.

Bringing your friend to a meeting:

Don’t bring your friend with you to the meeting with your lawyer. It can damage your lawyer-client privilege, which is very harmful to your case.

These are the things you should not say to your lawyer for your betterment.


A lot of secrets and confidential things you may have, which should be known by your lawyer regarding your divorce case. You may be ashamed of sharing some information with your lawyer.

That is why a common question can arise in your mind that is should I tell my divorce lawyer everything? In this article, we discussed this thing in detail. Hopefully, it will help you to make the best decisions for you.

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