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Can I Reverse An Adoption? [Reasons & Ways ]

Can I Reverse An Adoption?

Adoption is the legal process of becoming the non-biological parent of a child. As a biological parent, everyone needs to take all the rights and responsibilities of the adopted child. Even after knowing all these things, many adoption cases don’t work out.

At that time, there has a huge possibility to be spoiled the future of that adopted child. That is why people want to reverse adoption. So, how do you do it?

How Can I Reverse an Adoption?

If we want to give you a short answer, then we can say yes. You can reverse an adoption. However, adoption is not legally reversible; then again, it is reversible in many different situations.

Now we will give you some reasons why reversing an adoption is needed. These reasons are as follows:

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Wrongful Adoption

Maybe this world would not have been created if we were all honest and good people. We have some bad fellows. So, we can say that a dishonest person can adopt your child but cannot take care of your child. At that time, your child’s future will be hampered, and your child will face many problems.

Maybe the dishonest adoptive parent would not fulfill even your child’s basic human needs. This whole thing can be defined as wrongful adoption.

So, what will you do if your child is wrongfully adopted? You will think about reversing the adoption. It is one of the most significant reasons for revoking an adoption.

Adopted Child’s Unexpected Needs

Another reason for reversing an adoption is the needs of the adopted child. Every child has different characteristics. The needs, wants, and demands of a person vary.

The adopted child may have some unexpected desires that the adoptive parents can’t fulfill. It causes reverse adoption. Some children can’t adapt to the new parent.

Some want to be with the biological parents only, which can never be fulfilled by the adoptive parents. There are some other needs that can’t be fulfilled by the adoptive parents.

Sometimes, the adopted child or adoptee doesn’t want to be with the adoptive parents. In that case, there is no other option. At that time, adoption reversal is needed.

Disability of the Adoptive Parents

Sometimes, the reason for reversing an adoption is the disability of the adoptive parents. Your child can be adopted by disabled parents, which was not mentioned before by them. Sometimes, the adoptive parents can be disabled by accident. At that time, your child’s future can be ruined.

Another reason for being disabled by an adoptive parent is being old. An older person actually can’t take care of the adopted child. Actually, at that age, they need someone to take care of.

At that time, adoption reversal will be needed very urgently. If you are the biological parent of that child, you have the right to reverse your child’s adoption.

Reversing an adoption is a much more complex task than a normal adoption. When you need to reverse an adoption, make sure you have an experienced person to take care of this issue.

Here, another question can arise. That is, which parties can reverse an adoption? The answer is there are only three parties who can reverse adoption. These three parties are as follows:

Child’s Birthparents

We said before that if you are the child’s biological parent, you have the right to reverse an adoption and regain the child’s rights and responsibilities. But, legally, you need to get the permission of the adoptive parent.

That means only when there has the consent of the adoptive parent will you regain your child. Here, many other factors will need to be considered. Notably, there are some restrictions like you will never regain your child’s rights after their adoption in some parts of the world.

Child’s Adoptive Parents

It is rare, but sometimes a child’s adoptive parents want to reverse the adoption for some reasons that we have discussed before. This is a very complex task. If you are an adoptive parent who wants to change an adoption, you should get some help from a lawyer.

You need to prove the best interest of the adopted child in court.  A significant reason is that a positive relationship is not created between the adopted child and the adoptive parent, even after trying so hard for a long time.

At that time, the adoptive parents are obliged to reverse that adoption.

The Child

In some cases, a child wishes to reverse the adoption. Moreover, a child wants to be liberated from his adoptive parent. In both cases, their opinion will be prioritized by the court. A child’s best interest is respected everywhere.

These are mainly the parties who are legally allowed to and have the right to reverse an adoption. Adoption reversal is a rare case. Then again, we need to know these things and how to deal with them.

The Bottom Line

Many people in this world can’t bear a child, and at the same time, there are a lot of people who can’t foster their child. This is where the adoption system was invented.

However, there are a lot of dishonest people who use these opportunities in many wrongful ways. Simultaneously, there are other reasons, like the disability of adoptive parents, for reversing adoption.

Anyway, a lot of people are confused about whether it is possible to reverse an adoption. In this article, we have given that answer and discussed many other related issues. We hope this article will help you a lot to solve your case.


What if you found out you were adopted?

Discovering that you are adopted can be a complex and emotional experience. It's important to process your emotions and seek support from friends, family, or professionals. Understanding the circumstances of your adoption and having open conversations with your adoptive parents can also help you navigate this revelation.

How do you overcome adoption?

Overcoming adoption-related challenges involves acknowledging and processing emotions, seeking support, and possibly engaging in counseling or therapy. Building positive relationships with both adoptive and biological families, if possible, can contribute to a more well-rounded sense of identity and belonging.

How long do you have to reverse an adoption?

Adoption laws vary by jurisdiction, and there isn't a universal timeframe to reverse an adoption. In most cases, once an adoption is finalized, it is considered legally binding. Reversing an adoption is typically a complicated and rare process, often involving legal proceedings and demonstrating that extraordinary circumstances exist.

Can you reverse an adoption after 18?

Reversing an adoption after the adopted individual turns 18 is generally extremely challenging. At this point, the legal relationship between the adopted person and the adoptive parents is well-established. Courts usually prioritize the stability and well-being of the individuals involved, making it unlikely to reverse the adoption solely based on the adoptee reaching adulthood.

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